The Peter Cundill Foundation was established in Bermuda on 11 January 2012, following the death of its founder, Peter Cundill.

During his remarkable life, Peter had many interests and was both an academic and an athlete. He was also passionate about supporting the young and often helped those with aspirations to better themselves and fulfill their potential in the fields of education and sport.

The Foundation will carry on his philanthropic work by providing funding for those who meet its criteria. It is also interested in funding youth related projects that will have a beneficial impact on young people within communities.

The Peter Cundill Foundation will focus on two themes, based on children and youth from birth to 25.

    • Education, to include arts and humanities, technology and science
    • Fitness and Health, both physical and mental

Its mission is to be a significant force for good over the long term, guided by Peter's core values:

  • Act with absolute integrity, being open and honest with one another, the community and Foundation grantees, and require the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics.
  • Manage the Foundation's assets using value oriented investing, planning for the Foundation to exist in perpetuity.
  • Look proactively and globally for funding opportunities, being appropriately diligent and rigorous in its review of organizations.
  • Demonstrate an active curiosity about possibilities and opportunities.
  • Engage by supporting organizations and causes with appropriate resources.
  • Endeavour to obtain the best possible societal outcomes from the assets of the Foundation.

For Peter, philanthropy knew no boundaries, either of geography or imagination.

The Foundation will strive to replicate his vision.


Peter Cundill
Promoting the Health, Education and Wellbeing of Young People